OH MY IRMA is a multi-award-winning, critically acclaimed solo performance by Canadian theatre artist Haley McGee.

“Yes, I did it! But it wasn’t my fault.” An odd young woman finds herself before an audience.  Her knees are bruised and there’s blood on her hands.  She set out to solve a crime and ended up committing one of her own. This is her defense.

Awkward, frail, beautiful powerhouse OH MY IRMA is a solo show written and performed by “fearless raw young talent” Haley McGee.  This twisted funny tale/confession has picked up awards and accolades throughout the world, including Edinburgh, New York, Berlin, Kosovo and Mongolia.

★★★★ “Defiantly distinctive… an utterly singular character” - The Scotsman

“Light and dark all at once; jagged, vivid – impossible to listen to comfortably, impossible to look away from – like a series of car crashes watched in a thunderstorm.”                         - Andrew Haydon, Postcards from the Gods

★★★★ “a disturbingly powerful production by a hugely talented writer and performer”   - The Skinny

★★★★★ “It is a rare talent Haley McGee has, to meld such fancy, humanity, exhilaration and charm into this poem of a play which will leave you pondering the beauty of its scars for some time to come…. Her fearless performance swoops through every possible emotion leading the audience to a stunned: “Oh my”.” - What’s Peen Seen

★★★★★ “Something different in all the best ways… at times sublime… I can’t recommend Oh My Irma enough.” - MacAulay Report/Amy Abroad

★★★★ “You’ll be left hanging on her every word, movement and facial expression”         - Three Weeks, UK

Critic’s Theatre Highlights:  “OH MY IRMA is punchy… [a] sardonic millennial”                - The Guardian/Observer

One of This Year’s “Unmissable” Shows - To Do List, UK

“Oh My Irma is an intricately written and beautifully performed examination of self-destruction due to the mistakes of others… Haley McGee is one to watch”                           - A Younger Theatre

“McGee’s detailed performance is fully realized, varied and brilliantly imagined… completely original” - Exeunt Magazine

Recommended by Forest Fringe: A very well written and well acted one man, fuck-off-good traditional fringe fare from Canada. That said Haley has also been compared to Michael Cera and Napoleon Dymamite’s crack baby in this show. So there is that too.”                                                                                                             - Deborah Pearson